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‘Come on. Are you ready? Let’s take a walk around Christchurch and I will tell you a story...’

‘Let’s Take a Walk’ has been designed to invite interaction, discovery, and reminiscence. The book portrays Christchurch as it can’t ever be seen again: once-familiar buildings are accurately rendered in their pre-earthquake state — many necessarily revived from photographs — and the illustrations’ textures are sourced from rubbings of demolished buildings.

The book’s kinetic and tactile features appear effortless, but they are the result of an intricate production process designed to ensure accuracy and consistency across each of the 1000 limited edition copies. Every page has been glued and collated by hand, and every part of the experience — right down to the way the pages lie when the book is opened — has been deliberately crafted.

‘Let’s Take a Walk’ is at once a time capsule, an art piece, and a love letter to Christchurch.

The Buildings

‘Let Take a Walk’ chronicles fourteen Christchurch buildings, few of which survived the earthquakes.

The Para Building
Crowne Plaza
The Basilica
Police Station
ANZ Chambers
Brighton House